XChat 2.6.1

Nachdem bereits gestern der Sourcecode der Version 2.6.1 zum Download bereit gestellt wurde, stehen seit heute auch die entsprechenden RPM-Pakete zum Download bereit.

Nachfolgend das Changelog der Version 2.6.1:

- Updated translations (de, el, fi, fr, gl, hu, ko, nl, pa, sq, vi).
- Fixed building of xchat-text (although not recommended!).
- Added support for log rotation based on time or date.
- Double-click in tree layout will now expand/collapse (Lian Wan Situ).
- Keys to move tabs around now work in Tree layout too (Lian Wan Situ/Me).
- Largely re-written "Search Text" function with much better
behaviour and match case on/off and search backwards options
(Richard Hitt and Me).
- The parent row in the tree layout now changes color if you have
that group collapsed (Lian Wan Situ).
- Fixed crash when trying to Detach or Close a utility tab via
right-click, when it's not the currently focused tab.
- Made DCC resume handle case-insensitive file systems properly.
- Fixed the flashing when you click on a colored treeview row.
- Fixed auto-completion during /exec -o [1375530].
- Added "Join Channel" menu item to the Server menu.
- Unshade the Disconnect menu item when a connection is in progress.
- Fixed a possible crash in changing color settings before changing
to/from the tree layout (SF bug #1349088).
- Added "Auto accept file offers" to the File Transfer settings.
- Added support for brackets "<>" around nicknames in cut and paste,
without displaying them (hidden text) (Camillo Lugaresi).
- Fixed opening URL irc://NetWork/#channel not joining the channel
- Fixed the nickname label becoming small when you're marked Back
if you have "Small tabs" turned on.
- The textevents GUI has been re-written to use GtkTreeView.
- Randomized DNS lookups on Mac OS X on hostnames that return
multiple IP numbers (SG / CL).
- Added a dialog window to help newbies join a channel.
- Opening irc:// URLs will now JOIN only if you are already connected
to the network.
- Plugin API (Lian Wan Situ):
* Added selected flag to "users" list.
* Added "id" to xchat_get_prefs.
* Changed xchat_find_context (ph, channel, NULL) to return results
from the same server group as the current context when possible.
- Perl (Lian Wan Situ):
* using emit_print/command/recv will no longer trigger their own
* Fix compiling issues with versions older than 5.8.2.
* Make all scripts appear in the "Plugins and Scripts" window, even
those that do not call register().